Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cenote Jump in Mexico

Above is a video of Journey Mexico President, Zachary Rabinor, jumping into one of the private cenotes featured in many of their trips to the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Well this is really frigging crazy and I wouldn't recommend it, if you don't know what your doing, this guy obviously does though. I have always wanted to go see the cenotes and swim in them, since I first read about them in 1990, I hope that Angel and I will make it sometime soon.

You do have to climb a long way down into them though, and the thing that makes me nervous, what if your too tired to climb back up, specially with a maybe we have to wait a bit for a reason.

Looks fabulous! My niece got to go with her family, they got some great pics. Projecting and praying we will go sometime soon too!

Grow Your Own Food -Youth Program & Recycling Video

Youth Apprenticeship

This is Super Cool! I love this idea!! Too bad Angel's not old enough. Now they just have to do it for younger children.

For People Aged 14 - 18

Learn everything you need to know to grow your own food. Get hands on experience working in an organic vegetable garden and community orchard. Help maintain 2 greenhouses. Distribute thousands of vegetable plants to under-served communities in East Vancouver. Meet like minded youth from around Vancouver. Earn $ for your time and community service hours towards graduation.

Apprentices will be expected to dedicate 5 hours of time per week for a 12 week period beginning the week of March 14th and culminating June 13th. We will spend 2 hours on a weekday (after school hours) and 3 hours on the weekend together. At the completion of the 12 week program, apprentices will receive a certificate and letter of reference from the Environmental Youth Alliance, along with a cheque, or stipend, for their time.

To apply to the Community Nursery Youth Apprenticeship, e.mail or drop off a resume and brief cover letter explaining why you'd like to be a part of the program to:

Matthew Kemshaw 517-119 W Pender St


Check out this Recycling Video- This is Awesome! Zipolite has a great Recycling Program. Stephen from Switzerland started it! Kudos Stephan!!

Cody "The King of Recycling" Peabody from Environmental Youth Alliance on Vimeo.

Rich On Time, Not Money!! Breaking Free!

Breaking Free [FULL] from Matador Network on Vimeo.

Harnessing the power of the Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel community, BREAKING FREE explores the lives of real-life Americans who have dared to live their dreams.

Ditching routine, comfort zones, and their own personal fears, they have sought and found vibrant, purpose-driven lifestyles to inspire viewers of all ages.

Filmed in diverse locations around the world, each hour-long episode investigates how these remarkable people started over, understanding the unique challenges, goals and passion that allowed them to follow their heart.


We’re looking for candidates who:

* have broken out of the regular 9-5 lifestyle are living abroad in a foreign country
* have established a business, project, or something cool in their cities/community
* are an inspiration to everyone they meet

We are NOT looking for people who are simply traveling abroad. We want to learn the how and why someone takes the leap, and how they’ve learned to overcome their challenges and really establish themselves in another community.

Wow! What this guy says at the beginning about his grandfather having missed out on things and feeling he could have done so much more. Powerful!  and the part where the woman says she wants to experience more with her child, those two notes really touch home with me. This is nomination thing for Americans, but one day I hope it will be this Canadian- traveling, writing, exploring, sharing, enjoying life in the moment. Rich in time, not money.

The Freedom of Change

The Freedom of Change Click here or copy link below!/video/video.php?v=180545111981417&comments

This is a really great video, you have to be on Facebook to see it.

The Freedom of Change. [HD]
by Jennifer 'Jen' Wichard (videos)
Change can seem frightening to us when we anticipate what 'might' happen, or if we base our fear of things that may have occurred in the past. This eye opening video will help you to consider seeing change a little differently.

As a freedom coach, I empower my clients to approach change in a manner that fully supports self actualization. Jump on the freedom train. Visit me at and check out my coaching page and testimonials. Namaste. In love, Jen

Here's a link to Jen's testimonials

I just love the videos that Jen and Brigit are creating. They are so helpful and explain things so simply and beautifully. I really needed this video today. Thanks so much Jen!! I love the part where you say the "universe will deliver what ever it is your vibrating". Oh my Gosh, that is so true and I really need to work on that. Thanks again! :)