Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Semana Santa-Holy Week in Oaxaca City Mexico 2010

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011


We had the greatest time in Oaxaca City last year. We got to stay 17 days. We were very very blessed.

It was a really special time. It was an opportunity for both Angel and I to learn about Mexican traditions and to celebrate Easter in a different way than we had in the passed.

We met old friends and made lots new ones.

We visited Santa Domingo,  a 500 year old church and Monte Alban - the famous Oaxacan Ruins and visited El Tule- a 2000 year old tree.

We learned how chocolate was made and we drank LOT of chocolate milk.

We bought wonderful souvenirs, hand made and hand embroidered velvet tops, pottery, green and black. We hung out in the Zocalo and saw parades. We got fresh fruit from the market everyday and had fresh squeezed orange juice everyday. Yum! We had the best time. I really miss it!

So I just made the video you saw, I'm improving all the time, below is a video that was made last summer, when  I came home. I used Animoto , I really loved them, but it's really nice to make your own videos, so stay turned.

Join Adventurez in Mexico as we watch a parade in the Zocalo, we buy some Almond Treats and check out the activities as they prepare for Semana Santa

Oaxacan Chocolate- Angel watching how chocolate is made.

Santa Domingo in Oaxaca- an incredibly gorgeous 500 year old church!

Mexican Souvenirs we brought home