Saturday, November 27, 2010

Please Vote For Adventurez in Mexico in the Open Web Awards!!!

Please vote for my blog "Adventurez in Mexico- Green Travel with Kids" in the Open Web Awards. We could win $5k and we sure could use it. Please visit the links below. If you LOVE Mexico and think that it's a wonderful place please read thru my blog and check out the some of the 74 videos that I created from the best photos of our journey. If you like what you see and experience and believe this is valuable for parents, children and everyone, well please vote for me. You can get the rest of the info at these links here. Thank for your help and please tell your friends. It's really important and I really appreciate your help. Thanks! Tina :)

If you look on the starting Wednesday, October 27, 2010 and going down in order you will see all the videos I made in order, sort of like a Movie!!
They are all titled Adventurez in Mexico #1 and so forth..

My blog features all sorts of wonderful experiences, please check it out and re-visit as I will keep adding to it, even though we are unable to travel this year.

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