Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tippi- This is What I'm talking about!!

Oh my God! My niece just sent me an email with some gorgeous photos of Tippi as a child. This is definitely the life that Angel and I would enjoy! So beautiful! I can only hope and pray!
Tippi Degré
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Tippi Degré (born 4 June 1990) is a French girl, who spent her childhood in Namibia among wild animals and tribespeople.[1] After moving to Paris, France with her parents, she returned to Africa to make six nature documentaries for the Discovery Channel. She is known among other things for supervising the tigers in Fort Boyard, off the coast of France, which is the stage for a popular international game show.


Tippi was born in Namibia, where her parents, Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, worked as freelance wildlife photographers.[2] She was named after Tippi Hedren.[3] During her stay in Namibia, she befriended wild animals, including a 28-year old elephant Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, crocodiles, lion cubs, giraffes, giant bullfrogs and chameleons.[4] She also befriended the Bushmen and the Himba tribespeople of the Kalahari, who taught her how to survive on roots and berries, and to speak their language.[4]

Tippi later moved with her parents to Madagascar and then to France, where she became a celebrity.[5] A book of her adventures (Tippi of Africa, ISBN 978-1868720835) was published and translated in several languages.[6][7] My Book of Africa (ISBN 9781770070295) is a bestselling novel of Tippi's adventurous life in Namibia. She also set up a website, and returned to Africa to make six nature documentaries for the Discovery Channel.[4]

In Paris (France), Tippi attended a local state school for the first two years, but was then homeschooled because she was found to have little in common with the other children in Paris.[4] She is now studying cinema at La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. [8]
So now as I research Tippi's life, sounds pretty tough, growing up in nature and then trying to fit into a different civilization.

This is a very interesting video, telling how she wants to give back, but sounds like she's been thru a lot trying to fit in and bridge the gap!

Leonardo da Vinci

Please see my views about this video on my other blog This is pretty graphic in parts, so I hesitate to post it here, but I love the part that he grew up in the countryside and spent his days playin, experimenting and learning about plants, animals and nature. It's a wonderful argument for homeschooling/unschooling.