Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Lift Me Up! My life is Turning Around! Mexico -Jan 2009

Thought I would re-post this as it's almost the same time of year, and I like to look back and see the fun things we did.

You Lift Me Up! My Life Is Turning Around!
My birthday, a visit to Punta Cometa, hanging on the beach and more!

Kimmie Weeks- Youth Action International

Youth Action International

 You can hear Kimmie Weeks speak about how they had a normal modern living environment and then their country was at war. He speaks of all the scary times of people hiding, and then the epidemics and people dying. Hunger and weakness, and they actually thought he'd passed away and placed his body outside. There were piles of bodies, and his mother went out and found his body (*that sounds like a miracle right there to me)...and that was his turning point, he was only 10 but he was committed that children do not suffer from poverty and war.
From the Social Entrepreneur  Empowerment Series listen to the following webcast with Ryan Eliason

Thursday, January 20

Kimmie Weeks
Alleviating Human Poverty, Suffering, and War (30 minutes)
Hear how Kimmie Weeks narrowly escaped political assassination and built a global following after exposing the injustice of the Liberian government at the age of 14. Kimmie and I will discuss the goals of alleviating human poverty, suffering, and war. We will explore the importance of clear vision and commitment, how to embrace challenges with the right attitude, and really getting to know the people and communities you serve. His story will blow your mind! 

"20,000 children die every day from preventable causes" 
"In order to change the world we have to change ourselves"
"We have one common path, one common destiny"

"We are not truly free, if others are not safe"

It's so inspiring to here Kimmie talk, when he says if we just talk more, and if we look at everyone as brothers and sisters. Looking for commonalities, and for the children not to carry the animosities from the past...let go of the burdens. 

"Let's set our own standards."

The global dream of uniting and standing together as one person.

I like what he says about how it's never been easy, how it's always been a challenge, see all challenges as hill, just a little block, but say wow, but this is another challenge and that overcoming the challenge the rewards will be so wonderful. That's life.

We have to stand together, everyone has to set that vision, when you have a vision, little things will not distract you.

He speaks about if you really want to help, you need to go to the community and meet the people and really understand the situation so you can make changes right at the roots. 

He's asking people to come out and volunteer and work with them in Africa. They are calling for photographers, musicians, artists, to come and help, rebuild Liberia, help the children.  Make a difference, meet the people and transform their lives.

Angel and I really want to go to Africa, we are going to research this a lot more.  We're coming Kimmie. Not sure when but it's my goal.