Thursday, September 9, 2010

Camioneta - Local Transportation for Zipolite, Mazunte & La Ventanilla

This is a Camioneta, it is the local transportation for Mazunte, La Ventanella and Zipolite. Of course Angel doesn´t ride up there, that´s for the luggage, but I have seen other kids up there, not often though. Definitely, not on the highway, Angel wanted to ride up there and I said "no way" and a man said the Federales would stop us if she did, but when we got to the back road he said she could and I said "No Way!!"

One of the reasons we take the camioneta is because it economical and is how the locals travel, but the other is that the road to Zipolite is so windy that Angel threw up every time in the taxi/collectivo. After the 6th time of  losing her breakfast we just started using it, even though it takes 3x as long and goes the scenic route. On the bright side, we have met the nicest people in the camioneta and it's nice and airy and we like it.