Sunday, November 14, 2021

Muralz Project


I am doing it. Just painting for amigos/ familia right now. Practicing. Getting used to the paint and different surfaces.

If you never painted you should know paint colours dry different speeds. Yellow oil paint takes forever..and I ruined many a painting from lacking patience.

I would try to hurry it and blend the colours and would end up with mud and gray and well not what I wanted.

Here I have to deal with heat, not just outside heat..heat coming from the kitchen..and well when it is open I have to move. 

So all sorts of issues I didn't think about and it is good to do a test run. Check out all the variables so you can try to address them and minimizes them.

I painted a lovely mermaid at the Posada, then started at El Caracol Restaurante. It is on the beach in Zipolite. 

It is at the far end near Playa del Amor. It is actually on Calle del Amor. And right at the corner of the entrance to the beach at that end. Shambhala is at the opposite end for your reference.

The sunsets are gorgeous here.

Anyways since it is called The Shell. - El Caracol I thought it need a BIG SHELL. So I painted one. It gave me grief.

I should have flipped it up. It still needs white and gold. Almost there. Learned alot! White gives me is slow to dry sometimes and to fast others

I painted 2 more mural before that. Quickies but one I just detested. They all liked it..or kindly lied😁

If you don't like it..and you have really tried..paint over it. 

Start has to bevfun.It is ok if it is hard but it is solving the challenges and ending up with something you love. Something you are happy to say yes..I painted that.

Especially when you have critics. And you will. Everyone is a critic and you will be surprised..the people you live the most will say tge darnest things or nothing at all😜😉

But you be your own your best..move on..practice and you will improve because you learn from your mistakes..hopefully😁😉

That is what I did. Working on a lovely octopus.

Then going to doing some small things by the bathroom before I do a big one one the street

This is good because by then I will really know my paints and the variables much better.

You know every time you use new paints and whatever material..each react different and you have to learn it so you can make it work for you. Takes time.

Everything takes time. Right?

Patience. Everytime I come to Mexico I feel I am being taught patience. It is difficult because the so called Cdn culture is Hurry up and wait!

Anyways here are a few pics but check out my instagram and other social media links. I have new prof to add link ZipolitazArtworkz

Shoot..will add pics later..doing this from phone..havent figured out how to add them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hire Zipolita Now 2021


Hi I managed to get back to Zipolite. I had this great plan..lots of great plans to raise money..but I suck at fundraising.

But those that know me ..know I am a very hard trustworthy skilled and talent designer and well so now I throw my talents and skill at your mercy and ask you to hire me to help you..with what ever you need.  I can even teach one on one through Zoom if you want me teach some video editing

So I need to survive the winter here. Please help me.

Also I have all sorts of books and thing for sale on my website. Go check it out.

Have a great day. I will make a nice video and share soon. Check out my youtube channels. I have 100's of videos..lots of Mexico.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Still in Mexico(Updated)


Update: I did make it back to on May 19th to Vancouver BC Canada but was hassled and traumatized at the airport. Trying to move on as best I can. This Mural Project 2021 will really help. I appreciate your support! Gracias!


Hola Amigos

I have not been blogging, my heart went out of it for a bit and I focused on different things. But I need help and I  thought I have a voice here and I am going to try and use it. 

Dear Reader

I am in Zipolite Oaxaca Mexico where I  have been visiting for the last 30 years. In the last 20 years so much has happened. I met my daughter's father here and after the Big Fire we lived together and I left and came back but in the end I decided to have my child in Canada. 

It took me 7 years to get back here. If you have seen out little movie I made. My child is half Mexican and I tried to immerse in her culture as much as possible to help her learn the language, terrain, traditions and about her family and the people she met here. We can 4 x for 5 months each time. We came when she was 6, 7, 10 and 15.

Two years ago my cherub had had enough and struck out on her own and difficult as it was and she was very brave and courageous and I am proud of her, yet I was devastated. 

I decided to go off too and I went to Tofino for a bit and then headed down here where I painted my Mermaid Sanctuary

So I was one of the first group of people to self isolate and it was hard. And then I had problems with the E.I and the Cerb and basically I bounced around all Spring and Summer and it was hard. I had no home. I went to Hope for a while. It was nice but lonely but a friend came up and I got to go down and see my kid. Then I got to house sit so I went back to the city. 

Meanwhile everyone and there dog are painting murals and I have missed the whole frigging thing. (es mi vida)

I applied for 1000"s of jobs, made hundreds of resumes and cover letters and rode my bike and painted murals while I avoided people and tried to keep my sanity and provide moral support of for my kid. I was a nanny before and well I am 59 so my age was a problem...

My age, my kids age and her step dad's age.... we are all spread apart,

18, 59, 72 So we can't live together and we weren't supposed hang out together if we didn't live together and I was out of money so I bought a ticket and came back to my other home, my Mermaid Sanctuary. And it has been ok. It has been hard. I had tons of paranoia and the whole tourist thing has been stressful and my ticket getting cancelled has totally messed things up but all the restrictions and yes I can hear people were told, you knew better, but I didn't have a choice. I have no physical home. All my stuff is in storage and I have been renting here the last 5+ months now. I left for a month and went to Bucerias but that was a whole other story...

Anyways the reason I write today is in hopes that one of the hotels lists as the hotel where I can quarantine and letting them know I have no money because I have been unable to work for more than an year but I would be happy to paint a mural, or some paintings or make a video or do social media for them but PLEASE HELP ME.

I DO NOT HAVE $3000 for a hotel. 

I am not a criminal. I am poor in money but rich in talent and happy to exchange. 

I am going to make a video in a bit but this is all for now. Putting it out there. I just need to get home...not going to make Mother's Day but I have to make it by my kid's birthday!!!!

Sending out lots of light and prayers.