Monday, February 3, 2014

Marietas Islands- Why I LOVE Mexico

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2014!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Many years ago, I believe 1988 I took my first trip to Mexico. I was going to visit a Canadian friend, who had married another Canadian but they got married there and they were working in a bar.

They were in Bucerias. Now this was my party stage. I was working at a good paying job(a really gross job actually, - Lilydale) but I was making up for with the partying and buying nice things and truthfully I was very naive and admittedly shallow.

But Mexico OPENED my eyes on that trip. The thanks really goes to the Marietas Islands...but we called it the Tres Marietas back then.

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I had been in Bucerias partying my face off for like two weeks with about 10 other friends...that had all come down together to celebrate our friends's marriage. During this time I met Jose(not his real name). His dad owned the Costa Dorada and we hung out at the bar there alot.

My friend started to date Jose and on the last day he wanted to take us all on a special the Tres Marietas.  That day I saw the real Mexico. It wasn't about the cheap booze and partying by the poolside or the prawns(which were delicious), it was about nature and the landscape and the ocean.

On that trip I saw whales and flying fish, dolphins, a mantra ray went right under our boat, and I got scared because I thought the wing tip was a shark...(silly) ...we saw turtles and on the island we saw blue footed boobies...imagine that!!

And so I was hooked. We all piled into a pongo and went. This video says to go on a's up to you...the sad part seeing this is how many people are there was a super special trip when I was just us...14 of us but just us..and no one else.

On the way back we actually ran out of gas, but another ponga came and gave us some...I remember them laughing and teasing...calling us tomato faces as some of us were go on a ponga with a canopy.

I went there a few times on my visits back but I haven't been since 1998?  I really wanted to take Angel when we were there in 2010 but it didn't happen for us because I was short on funds.

All my photos on are in storage, but I have some beautiful panoramas I will show you one day.

And so that is the reason I fell in LOVE WITH MEXICO.  It was the Marietas Islands, we never got inside like this though.