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Zipolite - Karma Cleansing-Shambhala 2012

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012
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Shambhala- Casa de Gloria
End of the Year and New's Year's Celebration.

Dec 31st, 8pm.

"The symbol of our soul is the flower, and we bring it to the fire with all the negativity that we have inside of us in the form of the tree of life that we construct during the celebration".


Photos by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2012

We had a wonderful time as always at the KARMA CLEANSING at Shambhala -Casa de Gloria - last night.  Here are some photos and videos. The lighting is always very difficult. It all happens so fast, so not really time to set things up. Anyways I was lucky and got a few really great shots plus a friend there took a few photos of us. That's nice because I made our dressesoutfits and you only wear the floral crown during the ceremony (then you burn it)  so if you don't get a photo, there is no other opportunity.

Looking at all the video again makes it so much more special. Next time though I may not photograph it. Just go and watch and really get into more.

I was disappointed I didn't get more photos of Gloria. Should have done it right at the start, but just had time to give her a kiss and hug and it was time to find a seat.

 This year though we couldn't and it was hard for Angel to stand the whole time. She was happy when we got to the beach and she could sit. Still she did fantastic and I'm very proud and grateful for her.

I'm really grateful for Gloria for putting on this incredible magical event. It's really amazing that she pulls this off year after year. Especially this year with the hurricane and all. I know things have really been tough.

You will see all the work that goes into when you watch the videos.

Karma Cleansing 2012 Shambhala Vision

Many Thanks to Gloria for her Shambhala Vision
and for creating the Karma Cleansing Ceremony.


Graditude to the beautiful talented dancers.
Gracias to the Shamans.

Thanks to everyone that attended.

"Remember to take care of your body, it is the
temple that holds your soul"

"We are one with the SOURCE!!"

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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Photos & Video
Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2012