Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Mexican Blankets- Viva Mexico!

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So for Sept 16 Mexico's Independence Day and I wanted to do some Special. I wanted something new to post about and I was like think, think think.

Then finally I got it, what about show you my Mexican Blankets

I would be interesting to see how many Mexican Blankets in households around the world. Maybe we could do a project and get people to tell a story about their blankets. 

I have collected blankets from many of my trips and most are very good quality so they have lasted 10-15 years. I love my blankets, I even have a few more, one is similar to the first one here but it's peach tones and it was the first blanket I ever bought. It was in Bucerias in 1988.

I can't remember exactly where I got them all, but I'll try.
I got this one on our last trip, I bought it in Zipolite on the beach, I think I paid $250 pesos.

It's quite good quality and I love the colours. This photo doesn't show the true colour.

 I just can not remember where I got this one, I think it was in Bucerias?

1996- Might have been Puerto Vallarta
This is the Fire God I think, it's based on Aztec. I may have got it in Vallarta but I don't remember exactly.

I think I got this in Zihuatengo 1996?
I think I got this in Zihuatengo, on another Cruiseship, while working as a Photographer.

I bought this while in Cozumel, while working on the Cruise Ship 1995 as a Photographer and I paid like $50 US.  It's the most I ever paid for a blanket, but it is really beautiful quality.

Mexican Twitter Fiesta - Sept 16 -Tell Everyone!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

From Susie's The Mexico Report 

Viva Mexico!!
The Mexico Report- Mexico Independence Day - Twitter Fiesta

#MexicoToday Twitter Fiesta! 
Theme: Celebrating Mexican Independence Day 
When: Friday, September 16 
Time: 10-11am PST/ 1-2am EST 
Where: On Twitter with the Hashtag #MexicoToday. 

Follow on ALL are invited, so please invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors, sisters, brothers, cousins, Twitter-mates from the Twitterverse, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, etc and join in on the celebration! 

To RSVP and see more up to date action on the event, please see our Facebook invite here. Please include your Twitter handle, so we can follow you too!