Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zipolite Art

Cacti by Tina Winterlik 2001
If you have never visited this website before you should, the web designer was kind enough to post my work here as well as many artists that created art work while in Zipolite. Check it out!!

I don't have this original anymore, I sold it back in 2001 to the gentleman from Tres Deciembre, you should see if it's there, if you visit Zipolite. They make super delicious pizzas there.

Paper Making- Wish we'd done this in Mexico!!

I have tried to make paper before, but this is explained so wonderfully!I guess I am just super visual and to see it in a video just makes it so simple and clear.

I wish we had done this in Mexico. It would have been great the paper would have dry so fast. Maybe next time!!

Thanks Paper Alice!!

This is such a wonderful and valuable art that you can teach kids and everyone!!

It's a great way to recycle, not so much in Mexico, we didn't see the flyers and millions of papers that pass our way, but here, especially over Christmas in Canada, I thinks it's a fabulous idea, and helps teach kids to be green. :)

In 2001 just after the Zipolite fire, when I was in San Cristobal Las Casas I bought some lovely hand-made paper. Today at Deserres we were looking at the hand-made paper, some of it $6 a sheet. Angel was amazed..."This is paper?"