Friday, January 14, 2011

Everyone has to be a Change Maker

Just love what this first speaker has to say about children being a Masters of Empathy!! Please listen to this, it's really powerful information.

Every 15 year old must be a Changemaker.

Bill Drayton-Everyone A Changemaker (30 minutes)
The man responsible for popularizing the term "social entrepreneur" shares his philosophy of "everyone a changemaker". We will discuss why social entrepreneurs are so critical at this precarious time of rapidly accelerating change, the number one obstacle faced by entrepreneurs, the importance of collaboration, and the unprecedented opportunity of Hybrid Value Chains - a new framework for businesses to reap the benefits of combining social and economic value by forging alliances with citizen sector organizations. Bill will share his passion for cultivating empathy as a fundamental precursor to widespread cultural transformation, and the role of young people in catalyzing change, now and in the future.

Peace, Love, Unity, Power, Clap, Clap, Clap For Your Life!

After the earthquake hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, some street-children from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya, felt they should do something to support children in Haiti, now living in conditions as bad as or worse than their own. The Wafalme Kidz, hailing from the streets of East Nairobi, made up a song

This is so incredible, I love this when people use music and videos to enlighten and send powerful messages.

Angel and I want to travel the world. Lately with all the stories on Haiti, all she talks about it is going there to get a little brother or sister. I tell it's not that easy but maybe when she's older we can go help. Right now all we can do is send prayers and post videos and info in order to spread the word.