Saturday, January 15, 2011


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Jen Wichard & Billie Weiss- Reiki, Workshops, Group Healing, Hypnosis

Wow, this was shared with me on Facebook today,!/video/video.php?v=175639139138681&comments

Visualizing is such powerful stuff. I made a promise to myself that Angel and I are going to do a lot more of this.

Thanks so much Jen & Billie. Really really wonderful and appreciated that your sharing this.

Edible Schoolyards and Cob housing

Well I was so inspired by the webcasts on the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series that I have been listening to and since there was a competition I thought I would at least try and enter.

So you can read my idea here. I hope you like it and that I inspire you. Like the song says...Dreams can come true, they can happen to you...if your young at heart.

Transform schools into Edible Schoolyards, teaching children to grow beautiful gardens, harvest and market the food they produce. By working side by side become Mentally and Physically Strong, and United. Teach children to feed themselves and to build community, and with these tools they will figure out how to build sustainable housing whether it be cob houses or other types of housing, but whatever type it will be environmentally friendly to their community and they will know how to live in harmony from their experience and education nurturing their environment in their Edible Schoolyard. In addition to the Edible Schoolyard there would be markets, and Performing Art Centers, where arts would be embraced, thus adding to healthy minds and spirits.