Monday, November 8, 2010

Vacationer Wanted

My video and res wouldn't load for some reason, I guess too many people trying to load theirs at the same time, but it would have been cool. Gives you something to dream about eh! Forty grand and travelling to exotic places to blog about it. Ah such is the life...theirs! not mine...but maybe mine...someday..if there was ever a time when this is going to become the norm it's now. Pretty amazing! What does the future hold. hmmm!

Missing Zipolite!

Friends are starting to make plans and make their way to Zipolite or are there already. Angel said she is missing the beach and is anxious to return to see family and friends, but also wants a Christmas here and want to see do you satisfy all that.

I don't know when we will make it back, I hope we do make it this year and soon,  but right now, I just haven't got a clue when, all I can do it pray and project.

I missed out on the Vacationer Wanted Contest. My video and resume wouldn't load, that dream job has slipped away. Would have been pretty incredible to get paid 40 grand to travel to exotic places and get paid for it. 

Not fair, that was my job. :(   With 40 grand I could have taken Angel with I had a plan.

All well right now I have lots of other projects, so one must go with the flow, and hopefully we will be on the go sooner than we think. At least I have lots of pretty photos to keep my thoughts happy.

I'm getting pale as a ghost here though and the cold is mean to my bones...heat, I need heat! sun, sand, beach, a book and the occasional cerveza. Mexico I miss you!! :(