Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life in Zipolite!

Check out the street life in Zipolite, as we eat at our favourite chicken place, and have ice cream and look down on the street and watch the goings on of the town.

Shambhala Karma Cleansing Ceremony Dec 31/2009

Shambhala Karma Cleansing

Once again we had the most amazing time. We went with our new friends James & Amber and our dear friend Charlotte. It was really an incredible ceremony. Gloria from Shambhala puts on this event, and it takes an incredible amount of energy and time.

The ceremony takes the best from all religions and brings it together into the beautiful ceremony. Don't miss it. It's just so special.

I feel so blessed we were able to participate in the very unique and sacred event. It's a wonderful powerful way to end the old year and begin the new.

After there is a bon fire on the beach and food and a party. We never make it for the food, we are always so tired.

At midnight, you can see all the fireworks on the beach, from the locals and that is really pretty and exciting(and loud!!).

It's hard to believe so much time has passed already. Not sure we will make it this year, I sure hope we make it next year though.

Puerto Angel

Puerto Angel

Puerto Angel is a lovely little fishing visit close to Zipolite. We visited there and Angel watched the people catch fish off the docks. She really enjoyed it.

Ohm Playa, Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Ohm Playa

Yayy! Back in Zipolite! Let Us Dream!!!

Back in Zipolite, Let us dream!

Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

Huatulco, Playa Santa Cruz, Oaxaca Mexico

Heading South!

The Long, Long, bus ride!!!

Photo by Tina Winterlik
On the 16 hour bus ride

Photo by Tina Winterlik
Snow on the Mountains in Mexico City

Photo by Tina Winterlik

There actually was a much prettier photo as we left the city and got up into the mountain but I missed it.

Let's Go To The Zoo!! Mexico City Sightseeing!!!

Visit the Zoo with us. Watch Angel a pet bird (vulture), and check the White Rhino. See Giraffes, Camels, Ground Hogs, Hyhenas and more. Tour the city!

Lavender & Eucalyptus- Don't leave home without them!!!


Photo by Tina Winterlik


Here are all the oils and herbs I like, I LOVE lavender and eucalyptus!
I really like lemon balm, sage, mint, clary sage, thyme, and well there's so many yummy smelling herbs and aromatherapy oils.

But you must respect the oils as they are highly concentrated and so please read up on them and visit a store such as Saje and/or buy a book and spend some time researchnig.  I have The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

The information in this book has been invaluable to me.

I really like the story she tells about a young man travelling to Calcutta. He sprays the bed with this little mixture of oils that she created for him. Everyone thinks he's odd...but in the morning everyone is scratching and he is fine.

Let me be honest, people around me have suffered from bedbugs, we have not. I truly believe it's because we use lavender.

I have found that aromatherapy has helped balance my harmones and my nerves during very trying times.

Before you go to the doctor to get some pills, that were created by some giant pharmacuetical company that only cares about sales, please consider using the gifts of  the earth. This is nature...be green. Give it a try.

I find it horribly frustrating that they advertise these weird smelly things on T.V. "Now with the fresh scent of lavender"...but it's still a bunch of chemicals. Don't be fooled, that is not lavender.

Try using lavender as your anti-bacterial spray instead of the weird little bottles of gel, to prevent spreading germs and keeping yourself calm strong and healthy. If you do catch a cold, use eucalyptus. With just those 2 oils, if people all kept them handy, we'd all be so much more healthier, naturally.

We'd all be greener and healthy and the pharmacueticals would stop poisoning everyone with their man made chemicals.

Go Green Everyone!!

My Solution Suggestions:
Get two little spray bottles. Put 10 drops of lavender in one, 10 drops of eucalptus in the other, add water, but be careful not to overfill as all the oil is on top and it will overflow.
Spray lavender as needed, on clothes, beds, packs, shoes, hands, etc.
Spray eucalyptus anywhere you would spray "those other sprays"..don't spray directly on skin.
It's very good in the shower, to steam yourself. Great for allergies and headcolds. It opens the breathing passages

Off to Mexico Again!! Year 2

Okay so life is so strange...maybe it's just our lives but I don't think so. Life is just that! As the saying goes, Sh_t happens! (I try not to swear, because of Angel and other personal reasons, but it's sort of appropriate here!)

Bad things happen for a reason. That's my Life's Philosophy, or it's become that. I don't know why things happen sometime...and you walk around banging your head against the wall, going "Why me?" "Why me?"

I have just come to know that while I don't understand it at the time, something good will come of it, and I have made that my Life's Philosophy...because truthfully I'd go crazy otherwise...who knows, maybe I already am...but that's for another post :) ha! ha!

Last year, when we returned from Mexico we couldn't get a housing subsidy because we had been out of the country more than 3 months. The only way to get one would be to stay home for another entire year and then apply. This really screwed me up, because really we were homeless.

We ended up staying with a close family/friend for the entire summer, which definitely wasn't the plan, as it was a cramped one bedroom.

Then the fire happened. It was on the 10th floor. Angel was the first to smell it, I phoned it in...and as we rushed down the stairs, 15 flights...I was freaking and saying OMG, "Why me?" "Why now?" "Why is this happening?"

Luckily, no one was injured and nothing of ours burned but the apartment did suffer smoke damage. It was such an awful stinky toxic smell, there was no way I could let Angel stay there.

We temporarily moved to another friend's in the same building, where I housesit, while the tenant works out of town. We could only stay for a bit as he was coming home soon.

Long story short, my mom had passed away, it's just over 3 years ago now (that's another very sad "Why Me?" Why Moma? story) and she had left me a small amount of money.

I had just enough for plane tix. I had created a website for the Fogg N'Suds http://www.foggnsuds.com and so with the meager savings I said "Let's blow this popsicle stand!!"

With my dear friend Sean's help...(I had build a website for him the year before http://www.stampslanding.com) he helped me with the tickets and that was it, we were off.

And so join us now..For year two...formerly Adventures of Angel...now the more focused, bigger and better than ever AdventureZ in Mexico!!