Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wandering and Watching Clouds! - Video

Adventurez in Mexico invites you to join us for wandering and watching clouds!

January/Enero in Zipolite- Video

Adventurez in Mexico invites you to join us as we "Enjoy Life" in January in Zipolite

Ohm Playa & Punta Cometa- Video

Join Adventurez in Mexico for a walk on Ohm Playa and a trip to Punta Cometa with Amigos!!

Punta Cometa - Mazunte, Oaxaca Mexico Video

Here's another visit to Punta Cometa!

My Beautiful Child!

When we were in Zipolite, something super cool happened on Christmas day. It was like a present from the Universe. We had just visit Charlotte and John at the Brisa Marina and we walking to see Franco at the Italiano Panderia, when Amber approached us. She told us that her husband "James Mollison" was doing a photo shoot for Vogue Bambini and would we be interested in Angel modeling. Wow! How Cool! What an opportunity!

Of course we said "Yes!" It was a lot of work for Angel and the kids(5 others) but it was very professional and the results were beautiful.

In this first video above, this is Angel playing a model, but just playing with the ants and enjoying life and freedom in paradise.

Unfortunately Youtube put ads on this, I will switch it out later for one with out ads. Some people say I should put Angel into modeling, but I don't think that's very healthy. I just want her to enjoy her childhood, and I just try to capture it.