Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open-sourcing the Blueprints of Civilization

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

So here is something fabulous. This guy had figured out how to make all sorts of equipment that anyone can do from scratch. He just has to write the instruction manual and burn the dvd an entire self-sustaining village (starting cost: $10,000). This is awesome, check it out!

Declaring that, "We can lead self-sustaining lives without sacrificing our standard of living," Marcin Jakubowski believes that only by opening the means of production can we achieve abundance for all.

Though he has a Ph.D. in fusion physics, he became dissatisfied with its remoteness, and turned back to the earth as a farmer and social innovator.  Read More Here

Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that's only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village (starting cost: $10,000)

The thing I like about it, is if it could still be kept small. That if it could be used in harmony with nature, then I really like it. It's sort of a mid way point.

So you could live off the grid if you wanted to.