Thursday, November 16, 2017

I need Lavender Oil & Watercolour Paper Please!

(Update: I found a place that sells lavender oil...but it's pretty expensive. Not sure I can afford it ...and definitely not at the moment. )

Hola, if you are coming to Zipolite, Mazunte or even just to Huatulco could you bring me some lavender oil.

If you live in Vancouver could you please visit
Gaia Gardens Herbal Dispensary
near Broadway and MacDonald and get a 100ml bottle of pure 100% pure lavender essential oil and bring it and I will pay you.

 I would appreciate so much. Tell Angie, Tina sent you!

The first place we stayed was open and the mosquito net just wasn't working for me and I had a lot of bites and used a lot of lavender. Then we had a little ant infestation at the new place and I have figured out how to deal with them but these little warrior ants are so mean. I am allergic to bites and they leave really itchy welts on me.

I use the lavender in my homemade mosquito/bug repellent and well we are only 2 months in and I only have about 30 ml left.

So please, if you can bring me some I would appreciate it so much.  We are here until March.

I also need watercolour paper. Deserres or Opus sell small pads. 140lb weight is great and they are under $10 for about 20 pages.  I put everything in storage and accidentally packed the box with my paper. I have paint and no paper.

I promise to paint you a lovely painting or do something really nice to pay you back for your efforts.

These were all done on the paper they sell here, years ago in 2001, after the fire in Zipolite burned my camera and I re-discovered my talent of drawing and painting- it's just drawing paper,  but I would really love some actual watercolour paper. These were digitally enhanced because the paper just won't allow much paint.

Let me know if you are coming and when you get here please contact me

Thanks again if you can help. If you know anyone heading down here please tell them. You can get the lavender at many stores...Aromaforce is also a economical & good quality. It just needs to be 100% pure  lavender essential oil.


Looking forward to the Jazz Festival in Mazunte Nov 17, 18, 19 -2017

Wow!! Looking forward to the Mazunte Jazz Festival. Looks great! We have never been. Angel was too small for us to go before and to really enjoy it but this time I am sure we will.

Check it out!
  Jazz Festival in Mazunte Nov 17,18, 19, 2017

Do you like Pie?

You can find these Delicious Pies at the 
3 de Diciembre Restaurante-Zipolite location!