Monday, August 30, 2010

Agua Azul & Agua Clara

Agua Azul's breathtaking gorgeous turquoise waterfalls will memorize any child, anyone for that matter. This is a great place to see the power of water and teach respect for mother nature. Agua Azul is surrounded by a green lush jungle. There are lots of vendors here now compared to when I first visited in 1990. Please respect the locals, and do not take their photos if they do not want to be.(Something I had to out right tell to a man who just wasn't getting it.) Angel thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water, although it's very cold so take care and be very careful near the falls, people do drown, so swim further down stream where it's safer. Also watch your bags, they say it's better now, but it's good to be aware. We loved and had a wonderful time. I've been there 3x, and it's life changing.

Agua Clara is pretty turquoise blue lake near Agua Azul, it's like going back in time as it's not developed and makes you wonder what Agua Azul was like before all the tourists. I heard that they have stopped taking tours there, I don't know if that's true. We enjoyed the short time we visited. The kids there were trying to sell us sugary treats but we gave them pretty pictures of fairies and mermaids instead.


Misol-ha is a spectacular waterfall located 20 km from Palenque. We took a tour, that included Agua Clara, Agua Azul and Misol-ha. We had a wonderful time. What could be more exciting than to travel to a waterfall and stand beneath it. An experience like this will educate your child in the power of water and it's beauty at the same time, not to mention the gorgeous green vegatation all around it.