Friday, October 8, 2010

At Home - In Zipolite - Again!!

Life at the Beach- Round 2 - Nov 2009

Our life is a little bit crazy sometimes, most people's lives are I think.
Maybe it's my Bohemian heritage that I feel compelled to move around or who know why things happen....

Last year when we came home we hoped to get a housing subsidy. But because we were out the country more than 3 months we weren't eligible.

So we ended up staying with a close family/friend for the summer. Near the end of summer there was a fire in the apt below us and all the toxic smoke came up into our apt. It was a sign to me...for personal reasons I just felt we should go back to Mexico. And so with a very small budget we got our tix and off we went.

The interesting thing is we had a planned to stay somewhere different but it just did not work out. Instead we ended up back in the same spot and with our adopted family and friends.

We went home! Home to Zipolite!
Where Angel was created! Can't get more home than that!

Puerto Angel - Video

Fishing in Puerto Angel

Hanging Out in Zipolite - Video

Let Us Dream

Hanging out in Zipolite! Watching this brought back so many memories, it made me cry. I really miss Zipolite!

Rosarios & Pinatas - Video

This was such a wonderful cultural experience. We were invited to a Rosario and after the children took turns hitting the pinata. I was really special. I feel very blessed to have shared this with our friends/family. Gracias Margarita Y Chico y familia.