Monday, September 13, 2010

Dancers & Gardenias in Bucerias, Nayarit

Gorgeous Gardenia growing in my friends garden in Bucerias,
reminds me of the bouquets in Oaxaca.
Photo by Tina Winterlik
Incredible Dancers from Karen's Restaurant
at the Suites Costa Dorada in Bucerias

Photo by Tina Winterlik

Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture is a huge and vast subject. I have done a little research and posted some interesting links below. The internet is so wonderful in that it is a huge library and that when I first started studying about the architecture in Mexico in the 1990's, I had to read books that were already quite old as the info took 10 years to just be made into a book. Anyways, my point is there is a ton of info out there, not all correct and perfect, but keep an open mind and research and learn about the world around us. Mexico has a rich and wonderous history, learn and share this with your children, it will be invaluable.

Culture is consists of these Basic Categories:
Language, Religion, Art, Architecture, Literature, Holidays, Cuisine, Music, Cinema, Sport

As stated on Wikipedia in the above link:

Spanish is the de facto language spoken by the vast majority of Mexicans, though the Mexican government does not legislate it as an official language.

Nonetheless, the second article of the 1917 Constitution defines the country as multicultural, recognizes the right of the indigenous peoples to "preserve and enrich their languages" and promotes "bilingual and intercultural education".

While many people believe Spanish to be the language of Mexico it actually has many different indigenous languages, approx 6 million speak indigenous languages.

Some of these are Nahuatl, Yucatec, Mixtex, Zapotec, Tzeltal Maya, Tzotzil Maya, Huichol and many others. Please check out the Wikipedia link above to see the many different diverse languages that actually exist in Mexico.



Mesoamerica, Pre-Classic, Classic, Post Classic Periods, Colonial, Haciendas, 19th & 20th Century, Modern & Contemporary  How to build a Palapa Melaque, Building a Palapa roof from Palm Fronds
 Palapa Roof Braidingá    Tonina

This is as much research as I could do right now. I will continue to research and post relevant materials.

Puerto Vallarta & Bucerias

Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias were the first places I ever visited in Mexico. I was very naive the first time I went in 1988 and I thought it was all about partying. I had no understanding of the culture.

I will alway cherish the most wonderful gift my friend Martin (Suites Costa Dorada in Bucerias) gave me and about 14 others of us. He took us on a ponga to the Tres Marietas...or I believe it was. On that boat ride we saw the most incredible things. We saw whales, manta rays, dolphins, flying fish, it was just so incredible. I remember the mantra ray went under the boat and just the wing tip was showing...I was scared, I thought it was a shark, but everyone assured me it was a manta ray.

I don't think people see that anymore...that was many years ago and there are so many many tourists. Bucerias was such a small little town, Mark's Bar & Grill, Omg! If I told you stories, about hanging out there and about him coming back and cleaning and fixing it. Now it's this incredibly successful restaurant with a super expensive menu catering to all these wealthy Americans and Canadians that built these million dollar homes all along the beach.

Progress happens...what can I say or do. My friends at the Costa Dorada have been there the whole time, thru all the changes and they have been so wonderful and kind to me and to Angel.

Do we love the pool. YES!
Did we love the super comfy king size bed we got to sleep in! Did we feel like Pampered little princesses after the 16 hour bus ride! You betcha!
Was everyone one super wonderful and helpful and friendly! Totally!
Do we recommend it! Definitely!
Is it green, no, not in many ways, but in some yes! It's semi small, compared to some of those mega huge hotels in Vallarta. It's been there a long time, and to me it's family and family oriented. So it wins my praises for that.

There are other small lovely accomodations in Bucerias, but you will have to hunt...we found one, with a pool and stove and everything we needed. I used to be called the Las Vegas years doesn't really have a name.

Do I still love Bucerias, Yes and No! It's hard when things change, but nothing stays the same...and the first part of my pregnancy, after leaving Zipolite was spent here, and that was a tough but magical wonderful time full of hope and dreams.

At that time I lived across the highway in a small incredibly noisy room for just $80 a month, that my friend at the Costa Dorada help me furnish with a bed, fridge and stove. That was a humbling experience and I shall never forget it, as it impacted me for life.

The people that rented it to me were up at dawn making juice for all the workers as they left for there jobs. I lived next door to triplets, they were just babies, an incredible site...little miracles themselves.

Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias are very special and I recommend people visit to get accustomed to the culture's a good place to visit first, before going on a grander more extensive journey. It's a good place to get your bearings. It's also more suited to elderly people I believe as your so close to medical help in Vallarta, and the airport is close, lots of reasons.

Zihuatanejo Mexico

Be careful of the taxi drivers and hotels that will try to take advantage of you. While we met some wonderful people I believe the cruiseships have really had a negative impact on this town. I have no desire to return. We really did enjoy the fish market, fruit stand and the people at the bus depot were awesome.

Acapulco Mexico - Rescued By An Angel in Acapulco

Here's an interesting story about Acapulco...actually I have many but I will just tell this one.
This was before the birth of my daughter, I had taken the bus from Zipolite to Acapulco, it was 9 hours, hot and late, it was a 2nd class bus back then, the only one you could take, and it was the night bus and it was about 4:30 in the morning when I arrived. I got the taxi and went looking for rooms, my budget was low, I was looking for something $25 max...we looked and looked but there was an Artisans Market, and it was Sunday night/Monday morning and everything was taken. Finally I said, just take me to the airport, my plane leaves the next day, maybe I can change the tix...but the Airlines office was closed.

What to do? What to do?  Finally I just sat on the floor near the tix counter and starting painting/drawing, waiting...Ugh, was I going to have wait 24 hrs in the airport. A cleaning lady came by, I told her about Zipolite and the fire and how I had been living there the last 3 months and now was going home...she said she would try to find me some help.

A few minutes later man from the tix counter said that he would try to help me. He said he was off work soon and that he would take me to look for a hotel. His name was Gabriel (to his name be true, he was an Angel)

He could not pick me up in the airport space, he was driving a friends taxi and so I had to walk down a bit. I was leary but had faith. He picked me up and we drove around and around looking...nothing, everything was booked. Finally I gave up hope, I said just take me to a big hotel and I will put the $120 a night bill on my Visa. Ugh! But he said "No, let's look a little more"

The next hotel was a SUCCESS! Hotel Lilianna- $12.50 a night! Yayyyyyyy! I couldn't believe it. And that is my story of how I was rescued by an angel in Acapulco.

I have lots of  other stories of people of  how people have been so kind and gone out of there way to help me,...once a taxi driver dropped me at the bus depot and came all the way back to give me my dictionary that I forgot in his cab.

 People in Mexico are very kind. I love Mexico. I love Acapulco. For some reason...whenever I arrive I get a little teary...even now. There is something very Special about Acapulco. Yes it's a big city, and it's had some bad press lately, but I hope you will visit and give it a chance.