Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Film about Zipolite & the Lifeguards

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Although I have only seen the trailer I think this film focuses on some great well-known issues in Zipolite. I created a website for the Lifeguards back in 2002 to try and help with getting the word out about them and to possibly raise money for them.

I hope that this film by Jeff Arak sheds a lots of light on the issues. I have a problem with the title though and I feel people will think negatively and not actually take the time to understand that the film is about the drownings that used to occur on a constant basis,  not about violence.

While we were there in 2008/9 2009/10  we were there when Aguila and others were  celebrating 18 months with no drownings or something like that. 

It's really good to see Aquila because I'm not even sure he's still there. I saw a very brave man, along with other lifeguards who have saved so many souls. I even saw the lifeguards rescue people.

Aquila was very kind to Angel and gave her 2 special shirts to help her boogie board easier. We had a lot of fun playing with his children. 

I really miss Zipolite. The thing about Zipolite you have to have a ton of respect, learn the waves, use a boogie board and don't go out very far. Most of all watch the flags and pay attention to your guts.

We had so much fun there, we lived there 2 winters but there were days where we just didn't go in the water. It's very cool to see Gloria and other well known people from Zipolite in this film. Makes my heart smile. I hope some positive things come from this.

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