Tuesday, June 4, 2013

R.I.P Jamaica Jerry- You Party Animal :D

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Yesterday we got some really sad news. Our friend Jamaica Jerry had passed away on his way home from Zipolite to California.

We met Jerry in 2008 when I took Angel to Mexico for the first time. She was just 6. He told me how he was a retired school teacher and he would ask her little questions to see how she was doing...especially knowing she was being homeschooled.

We all stayed at Posada Esmeralda that year for a while and so we saw him on a regular basis. Later the next year we would run into him here and there and we always followed his posts on Facebook where the man had a gazillion photos. He was always doing this. Giving the thumbs up. :D

This photo was taken at 3 de Diciembre this year. It was Jerry's first night back in Zipolite and he had great timing because it was their 20th Anniversary and I was doing the photography. We had a table and Jerry sat and had a pozole.

After that we kept running into him here and there... Jerry commented that it was odd how everytime he would arrive back in Zipo from being in P.E. or from where ever Angel and I would somehow be there.

When we went to Orale Cafe, Jerry would show up. Funny little encounters ...like maybe God was connecting us because he knew he would be bringing Jerry home soon. :(

Tears are coming right now so it's hard to type.


Anyways, on New Year's Day, Angel and I went for nice meal at Orale, it was a special meat pie - and it's a tradition served in Montreal. This day Jerry was there and because it was very busy and we had got a table, Jerry came and sat with us. We had a nice visit and talked about a lot of things. We took photos of the food. Jerry loved to show off the lovely meals at Orale.

And I having made a website and videos for Orale was making a new one...but my camera was acting up. Jerry said his good one had bit the dust too. I am so glad I have this video, I wish I had more.

We all had a really nice time and I am so glad because I have that special memory. Angel is very sad, we both cried alot last night.

Jerry was always so cheerful. He was always busy going somewhere  on his bike but would stop and chat.

He loved his dog, Oso. Poor Oso, he's going to wonder what happened to Jerry. :( but maybe he knows...dogs are smart about these things.

Somehow I feel it's all a mistake...a bad Facebook rumour...that's what I thought at first.

His last post was this.  "Adios Mexico"

I had seen Jerry's post saying he  was coming home.

So I wrote :
Hey Jerry, have a safe trip home. I always cry when I leave Mexico and I feel a little teary just watching you. Silly! Safe Travels amigo Besos y abrazos Tina y Angel 

So you can imaging the shock when later I saw this

"I just got the shocking news that Jamaica Jerry died of a heart attack on his way back to CA from Zipolite... I've had the pleasure of being his friend for 7 years, hung out with him at his home in Santa Cruz, at Burning Man, and on bike ri...See More
— with Jamaica Jerry.

One of the last posts Jerry had shared and I had reshared was this. And it was so true of Jerry.

He loved Burning Man. I remember he shared this with us. And it has made us laugh and smile so much. 

The man was a party animal that loved life and traveled and shared so much in Facebook. I can not believe how many photos there are of him. Truly amazing.

Well Jerry, it's time to say Good bye, but you are not forgotten and I am sure we will see your spirit in Zipolite. R.I.P.

Cheers!! Saludos!! Besos y Abrazos! Tina y Angel

New Year's Day 2013 at Orale Cafe

Jerry and Angel on New Year's Day 2013 at Orale Cafe