Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blonde Girl Begging Strikes a Nerve

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Last week I too shared the photo of the little blond girl on Facebook. I hesitated because I didn't know if it was real or a hoax , I'd even tried to google it to see if it maybe an art project to provoke the feelings that have arose...when you see a white child begging opposed to a brown or black child.

Our world is so warped. And that's exactly what happened. People all shared that photo and you can read what happened at the link below.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — At a busy intersection, a girl with a high half ponytail looks at you as she begs for coins. There is dirt beneath her fingernails and her pink shirt looks unwashed. The image in the photo could fit thousands of impoverished Mexican children who sell gum or beg for money in the streets, but for one thing: The girl in this picture is blond.
The flurry of internet attention to the photo, and the quick way officials reacted, has renewed a debate about racism in Mexico, a nation that is proud of its mestizo heritage but where millions of indigenous people live in poverty and passers-by often barely notice the dark-skinned children begging in the street.

"The solution is not to arrest the mother or take the girl from her," she said. "We should be asking what do we do to help these children?" Read More Here

 I don't know what can be done, but it's sad and there definitely is racism everywhere and my daughter while being half mexican does not look dark like the majority of Mexicans. I'm glad I came home and had her in Canada

My mom and I had discussed the difficulties her father must have endured and still does endure because he is fair and looks more caucasian. While in someways it can be beneficial, at other times when people are not enlightened or educated about racism then sad elements of this arise.

I feel so sorry for the mom now. I feel so much like her but I am fair not dark. I would be horrified if something like that happened to me and I pray it never does and I'm saying lots of prayers for her and that little girl. I am also praying for all the children who have been taken but that no one is looking for them.

Also here in this culture, many times when the father leaves they tell the mother to tell the child he is dead. This is probably why she lied. It's so sad. I hope they will all be okay. Sending love and support to all.