Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Got to Live!! I can do Anything!! - Video

Angel feeding the iguana blue flowers again!

This was such an awesome experience. We knew that Gloria had been feeding the iguanas at her house and that on Shambhala land the iguanas are protected.

One day we saw an iguana and I had remember that once, years before, a little lizard in a tree on Ohm playa had come to me and ate a white flower I offered it.

I told Angel to try the pretty blue flowers. Sure enough the iguana loved them. That was the first time. A few days later we tried again. It was so cool. There are big black ants on the flowers, that's what Angel shakes off her arm. She liked to leave the ants in there for the moma iguana...a little extra protien.

"We Got to Live, We can do anything"...this song says it all. It was a wonderful moment I will treasure forever. This iguana was wild, yet it let Angel feed it. It was so special! I will never forget it.

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