Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hurt my wrist...OUCH!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

Hi Everyone, Angel's typing for me. I fell down and hurt my wrist, at first I thought it was broken, but it's not luckily, just very badly sprained.

 Last night. I slipped on some rocks and fell down a small trail. I landed on my butt but my wrist bent completely backwards and I heard it go " pop ". It was completely numb, you know that feeling when your hand's asleep. I held my hand and said. " OMG, I think I broke my wrist. "

Angel says : I Burst into tears and dropped my hermit crab coming down.

We went to gloria's and she gave me tylenol and ice and wrapped my hand in a tea towel.

mums tired so I ( angel ) am going to tell this part . she put it in ice and told me to run to Magarita's. I told them she possibly broke her wrist and brenda came zoomin' over.. They thought she cut her wrist off. LOL.

But mum told them and they helped her.

 then I caught a crab which possibly could have been grandma.

so we took mom ( and the crab ) to abuela's and Abuelo Massaged it, Abuela comforted me, and Magarita put Aloe vera on her arm.

Today we went to Pina Palmera and got it massaged, And they gave her a brace and told  her to come back in two days.

 I got to play with some toddlers and had fun. Even got to see a cat so old her voice was cracked with age and sounded like a parrot. " squak sqak sqeak " Send love and preyers to mah mum.