Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gloria's Shambhala- Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Oct 16/2012 UPDATE : Shambhala is RECOVERING WELL after Hurricane Carlota! Please see the following link for new photos & videos

Shambhala Vision has a NEW website.

You can contact Shambhala on the Facebook page but keep in mind there is no signal up there right now so they get to it when they can. Gracias for understanding. :)

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March 13/2011

Gloria's Shambhala-Zipolite, Oaxaca, Mexico

Imagine a far-off place somewhere in time -- where smiles warm like the rays of sunshine -- where friendships are born together in a common dream -- enjoying nature in all it's splendor, or simply sunbathing away the hours in an enchanted setting.

A place where the pace you set is your own and where there are no strangers. The incredible skies, the dome of infinity, the energy from the earth, the never ending stars, the breath of the great wind and the waves of the sea. You can create your own reality. Shambhala is whatever you would like it to be. Nature is a oneness with the earth and a oneness with oneself.

Gloria's Shambhala is located in the state of Oaxaca on Mexico's pacific coast about sixty miles south of Puerto Escondido and three miles north of Puerto Angel in a small village called Zipolite.

At Gloria's Shambhala in beautiful Zip‬olite, Oaxaca,‭ Mexico,there is space and
good will for any genuine spiritual self-awareness group to establish a long term presence.

In Shambhala living is not expensive,and most visitors arrive here "looking" for something.

We are offering for lease (w/options)for spiritual inner growth workshops; massage therapy,yoga, meditation, ceramics, painters, or any field which feeds the soul --or anyone wishing to run a vegetarian restaurant.

If you think we may have some common spiritual ground to work with, and if you would like to open this door to another adventure in living,visit us.

At this time our facility includes rustic private rooms, dormitories, meditation areas & a complete restaurant,all which may be expanded to accommodate your specific needs.

We would like to attract visitors which may have visited an Ashram or Wat --perhaps one who is looking to fill a hole in their life with spiritual inner-growth in this pristine natural environment.

If your curious. . . Join us. . .Let's talk. Who knows, this may be a fantasy dream come true.

Namaste, Gloria Esperanza.

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