Friday, May 6, 2011

Quiet Cinco de Mayo

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

We celebrated a very quiet little Cinco de Mayo.

We had a lovely dinner, sole with lots of lemon, carrots, taco chips, salsa, and to drink Orange Juice.(I wanted a Cerveza but it just didn't happen)

For dessert we melted left over Chocolate Easter eggs, and added a little milk, then we ate a whole container of Strawberries dipped in the Chocolate!! Yum!!

That was it, we were tired, we've been doing a lot of walking.

This video is from a few years back, I need to turn it the right way, but to busy at the moment, it will have to do. Angel wore her dress out yesterday, with black pants underneath and a coat, because it's been darn cold. We had so much fun with the cherry blossoms, they are just about to fall, so we we standing under the branches, making snow with the petals.

I love this time of year, but as I said, it's much colder than normal. Happy Friday Everyone, enjoy those blossoms, they'll be gone soon if we get alot of rain and wind. :(

Hope you all enjoyed your Cinco De Mayo!