Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PUNTA COMETA, Oaxaca- I just love this place!

This one of my favourite places of all time. Punta Cometa, the ocean here is really hypnotic, I think I did a great job of capturing it. Some of the waves were huge, it was really a wonderful treat.

We got a ride with our friends and were able to visit late in the afternoon. Normally we went in the morning and left before noon as it gets very hot. There was a lot of people there at the end, never seen so many in the pool, but we were leaving so didn't mind.

The sun was going down and the light was beautiful. The clouds were incredible and I took some fantastic photos that day. I'm really missing it today.

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Wow!! Una Grande Ola!!!  Photography and Video Copyright by Tina Winterlik  ©2010