Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clowns, Balloons & Parades - Oaxaca City 2010

Our Amigo Pepin Boom Boom

Parade in the Zocalo

Balloon Venders outside the Cathdral in the Zocalo

Clown Performers and Facepainters in the Zocalo

Angels in the Cathedral

Angels in the Cathedral

Photos by Tina Winterlik

Monte Alban, Oaxaca City Mexico

Monte Alban Mariposa

Monte Alban, Oaxaca City

Peaking in the tunnel - Monte Alban


Neighbours (French title: Voisins) is a 1952 short film by Scottish-Canadian filmmaker Norman McLaren.

Warning- Definitely watch this together WITH your children. If you have not seen it before watch it first by yourself. I believe this film is a powerful tool if used correctly and it won an Oscar.

I saw this short film when I was in Grade 5. It left a huge impression on me. I do not recall the very graphic ending (which I recommend is for adults and older adolescents and definitely not for very young children).

As of yesterday, over 1000 people have visited my blog since Aug 29/2010 and so since I have a little voice I would like to use that little voice and encourage my 1000 + readers to "Love Thy Neighbour!"

When The Dust Settles

Directed by Louise Johnson

Gophers teach us a funny lesson in conflict resolution. This film is part of the ShowPeace series of animated films without words, designed as flexible tools to explore conflict resolution.

Monte Alban- Cultural Experiences- Oaxaca City Mexico

Monte Alban

I first visited Monte Alban in 1990. I was fortunate to then visit Mitla, Tonina, & Palenque. There is so much wonderful information out there and easily found on the web, so try to research it first.

We had a great day at Monte Alban, it's very easy to arrange transporation, just be sure to bring water, it's very hot and humid. The museum has lots of interesting artifacts.

What really made it special is that the day we visited, a local family was visiting with all their children and Angel had the best time playing with them.

She sat with the littlest one on the bus, and when we arrived, we discovered baby birds and butterflies...things that if I hadn't been with my daughter and seeing it thru her eyes, I believe my experience would have been much more different.

I highly recommend visiting as many ruins as possible and trying to explain what they looked like before and how life was back then.

Understanding this rich cultural heritage with your child will open his/her mind to the vastness of the world and it's history and give them a much wider perspective than they would have just growing up in their home town/country and just learning about the world thru a classroom or from the tv or internet.

Your child may not remember all these experiences, but these experiences will impact them for the rest of their lives. I believe cultural experiences such as these are invaluable in teaching children and families to be open and accepting of differences.

Learning to be open and accepting can only help our children and future generations to accept people for who they are and not be judgemental and righteous thru ignorance.

Silent Procession- Semana Santa- Oaxaca City, Mexico

Silent Procession in Oaxaca City. This Silent Procession is held during Semana Santa. Get there early as there are huge crowds, it is a very special cultural experience that I would recommend.

Keep in mind that you may be waiting a few hours so bring something to occupy your child. Luckily we met new friends and they helped pass the time. Gracias, otherwise we would not have been able to survive the long wait without a meltdown.

Personally I would suggest this experience is more suited to older children and that you try to give them as much background as possible to what they will in all performances or cultural experiences, it helps to know what it is you are about to experience.

Observing this and other local customs with your children teaches your child to keep and open mind about different cultures and customs, which helps builds bridges.

Let's go Explore- Oaxaca!!

Let's go Explore, Local Customs, Preparing for Semana Santa, Checking out the Night Life, Music in the Zocalo

Parade in Zocalo, Santa Domingo, Pony & Dulces

Watch a Parade in the Zocalo, visit Santa Domingo, Angel rides a Pony and we buy Dulces- Marizpan treats for Semana Santa

Oaxaca, Architecture, Chocolate and Semana Santa

Let's go for Walk around Oaxaca City!!

Santa Domingo - 500 year old Church - Oaxaca City, Mexico