Friday, September 6, 2013

Adventurez in Mexico - A Short Film- 2008-9

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Adventurez in Mexico - A Short Film- 2008-9

Adventurez in Mexico - A Short Film- 2008-9 

Omgosh, Angel has changed so much.  I got all teary watching this. It brought back so many memories and it's just so fun to see what she looked like. I'm just sorry I didn't do more selfies, so we could see both of us.

So  this is a short film I made of the first year I took Angel to Mexico.  My intent was for her to learn about her Mexican heritage, meet her dad, learn about the language, culture and environment. And we succeeded. :D

It's  really good example of all the fun things you can do if you take your kids to Mexico, especially Oaxaca- like Zipolite, Mazunte, and in that area. I never got around to editing it to where I really liked it. You will notice little mistakes with the audio.

So this is it for now. I was just going through old videos on my YouTube Channel and thought it's better to share instead of it just sitting there.

I also forgot to credit the songs and I'm really sorry and I can't right now as I don't have the file for this. It's on my computer that broke. Please if you hear your song, let me know and I will add your credit info here and on the info for the video. Thanks for understanding and again I apologize.

Okay it's 32 minutes long but it really plays like an actual movie so you should find it goes quite fast. It's not like the videos that I made that are quite short and some of the early ones are really flashy and jump around.

In this short film we travel from Cancun to Zipolite and I show all the things we did during that time. There are some captions which help the story flow better.

One day I will make movies of all the trips. This will have to do for now. Enjoy!! 

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