Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mermejita Circus!!

If you are so fortunate to see the Mermejita Circus, I promise you will be very impressed. They are so talented. :)

2010 Bicentennial Celebration in the Zocalo in Mexico City!!

A Visit To Punta Cometa March 2010

A visit to Punta Cometa in March 2010

"We CAN make this life, what we want....

Love is Better than Money- Mysti Mayhem

Adios Punta Cometa!

A Special Message For Everyone- If you should be so fortunate to visit Punta Cometa, "Please Respect It!!" What ever you pack in, please pack it out. It will be so sad if tons of tourists travel there,...the great part is that it is a bit difficult to get down there...and I hope and pray that that helps keep it somewhat private.

On most occassions when I visited it, there was no one or only a few people, but once I saw 16 people in that pool, and that made me so sad. As they fix the trail more people will visit, all I can do is plead with you...Please Please be green. Leave it as you find it. Respect it! Tread lightly! Be Careful- that pool can be dangerous and I have heard of someone being sucked out thru the opening. Don't go alone, wear very good shoes and bring water and take care!! Be Green!! Gracias!!

Feburary 2010

Join AdventureZ in Mexico as we hang out at the Meditation Point, play with dogs, check out shell and glass collections, and enjoy the view from the Alquimista

Zipolite Days/Dia February 2010

La Ventanilla