Friday, September 17, 2010

Sending Prayers


I would like to ask everyone that is reading this to take a moment, and say a prayer, send a positive thought,
and send positive energy to the people in Mexico and Guatemala and all the people affected by the terrible rains, winds and flooding. Please pray that the winds calm and rains stop. Please send positive energy that the people affected have the strength and courage to endure these difficult times and that they can survive the grief of loved ones that have been lost. God bless them all. May angels wrap their wings around them and help them to deal with all the sadness and heartache. May the Sun shine and dry up everything and there is peace and calm and love. Thank you!

Join Us for a Zipolite Sunset

Join AdventureZ in Mexico as we enjoy life on the beach at sunset!

Shambhala's Iguanas

Join AdventureZ in Mexico as Angel feeds the mommy-to-be iguana blue flowers.

Ohm Playa & Punta Cometa

Ohm Playa & Punta Cometa

Enjoying Life in Zipolite- Friends, Flowers, Beach & More!

Join AdventureZ in Mexico as we play in the sand, look at pretty flowers,  visit Franco at the Italiano Panaderia , hang our with friends and enjoy the gorgeous beach.

Rosarios & Pinatas

rosarios y pinatas

Join us as we share a traditional experience with our friends and family in Mexico.