Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cenote Jump in Mexico

Above is a video of Journey Mexico President, Zachary Rabinor, jumping into one of the private cenotes featured in many of their trips to the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Well this is really frigging crazy and I wouldn't recommend it, if you don't know what your doing, this guy obviously does though. I have always wanted to go see the cenotes and swim in them, since I first read about them in 1990, I hope that Angel and I will make it sometime soon.

You do have to climb a long way down into them though, and the thing that makes me nervous, what if your too tired to climb back up, specially with a maybe we have to wait a bit for a reason.

Looks fabulous! My niece got to go with her family, they got some great pics. Projecting and praying we will go sometime soon too!