Thursday, July 9, 2015

Check out this great new video of Zipolite

Check out this great new video of Zipolite. I love to see Zipolite and since we haven't been there in 2 years I really miss it. It is so nice to see video of it.  It was posted by Wilvita S.

Well done, Well done!! :D Thanks for sharing and I know the people of Zipolite are very grateful too!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Can YOU Help a Rescue Dog get from Mexico to Germany

I believe this says :

We need to find a dog lover traveling from Mexico City to Germany next week  between July 13-19 2015. They need to be able to check-in in Mexico and check out in Munich with a dog that has been adopted to Austria.

The dog was rescued in Chiapas and the new owner rescues y interns with a veterinarian, and they will be able to give all the treatment, she had to go back to her country but now the dog is well she want to take hm home. The dog has all the papers in order and is clean, vaccinated and can travel. 

If you can help contact Tin Tin