Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids Love Fresh O.J. Everyday

Our O.J. Story

We had very little money and I was spending a $2-5 everyday on cold cans of Jumex juice. My friend say "What are you doing?" Why not spend $1 - $10 pesos and get 10 oranges and squeeze them.

We had a few mishaps the year before and Angel had been turned off. So here are our tips.

Choose the oranges very carefully. One bad orange spoils the whole batch,
so as soon as you cut it, smell it carefully for freshness. If it has a winey smell, toss it.

After you've cut your orange in half, use a fork and poke it, then wiggle the fork back and forth, to get all the juice out. Kids love to help with this. Make sure everyone's hands are super clean and go for it. It's sticky but fun and just so healthy for you.

On 10 oranges a day, we would squeeze 2 or 3 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 2-3 for dinner and then drink bottled water. It was wonderful. We got into a real routine with this and I really missed it when we came can't get 10 oranges for a $1 here.

Don't Forget to Be sure to soak your oranges in Microdyn first

Eating Well and Sticking to the Budget

Food Issues with Kids when Traveling in Mexico.
Different Foods can be a real challenge.
Luckily cereal can help bridge the gap as you introduce new food groups. 

Our diet consisted of  Fresh O.J.  (10 for about $10 pesos)
*See O.J. story bottom
Bottled Water
Cereal/w/milk and fruit
Ham Sandwiches(mayo/ mustard ) on Whole Wheat -Pan Intergral
French Toast
Quesidillias w/ Oaxacan Cheese (salsa/tomato)
Peanut Butter, Jam Sandwich on Pan Intergral
Chicken, Rice, Macroni Salad, Tortillias and Green Salsa (I Love it! but Not Angel-too hot!)
Melon, Watermelon, Bananas, Strawberries, Plums, Mandarins, Oranges
Chocolate Milk(Cold) this was a special treat from the store because you have no fridge

What? How do I survive with out a fridge?
With a cooler and ice!
Ice can add up though and you do have food waste, so it takes diligence, if you can make a deal to use someones fridge then you will have it made. Or if you can fill a couple of the metal Jumex juice cans and then put the in the friends freezer and switch them every day, this can work really well.

Cooking- the first year we bought a little stove top with 2 burners and juicer and blender, but this used a lot of electricity and the owner where we stayed didn't like it. So the second year we made different arrangements.  We tried to eat only one hot meal a day using our friends kitchen, that way we were not in their space to much and kept our costs down by not eating out.

Budgeting - Shared Bath or Not!

When you travel with children, it's my opinion it's wise not to make a long term rent agreement anywhere that you have to share the bathroom. While it definitely cuts the costs there are two things you should consider:

1) Often small children are very particular about the toilet they will use and will even refuse to go -thinking it's dirty (even if it's just sand on the floor) and this can cause big problems (we watched another family deal with this and it was highly stressful for everyone.)

2) Safety- you don't want to be leaving your room in the middle of the night or hangin outside the bathroom - everytime your child has to go- We always get a room with a bano (toilet and shower).

Mexico Photo Collages by Artist/Photographer Tina Winterlik