Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor & Mexico- Bucerias

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So a long time ago back in 1989/90 I was visiting Mexico. I went about 3x in about a year and half and I liked to stay in a little town called Bucerias. It's a little town 20 minutes North of the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Now there was something Special and Magical about this place. It's obvious because now it's totally built up but when I was there it was small.

The first time I visited we went with friends to discover Puerto Vallarta. and of course we went out to where Night of the Iguana was filmed. Richard Burton had filmed it here and here is where Elizabeth Taylor had openly showed their love for one another and bought property.  I was told they also owned the Fred's Trailer Park in Bucerias. I don't know for sure if that's true but that's the story I heard.

I hadn't thought about that until I read that Liz passed away yesterday. I can imagine how she must have loved it there. They say that it was just a tiny fishing village then and that 1/2 the people had never heard of her.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you. At the year of our first winter Angel and I went back to Bucerias- I call it my Mexican Roots as that's where I first went and fell in love with Mexico.

Here's a video.

Here's an interesting article about it by By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

It is understandable that both he and Miss Taylor should have fallen so in love with this tropical village. For here they have been able to act much like honeymooners blissfully in love.

Local cab drivers point out to tourists “Casa Kimberley,” the luxurious villa nestled high on a rocky hillside where the famous couple live together

Each morning a candy-striped jeep, boldly inscribed on its side with the words “Casa Kimberley” calls for Burton at the entranceway of the house.

The actor jumps in beside the driver and, as the jeep makes its perilous way down the cobblestone streets, narrowly avoiding pigs, burros, and half-naked children, Burton will turn to wave a last goodbye to Elizabeth, standing smiling down at him from the balcony of their home.

Around noon, the jeep will return for Miss Taylor and drive her to the beach where she will board their boat, “The Taffy,” to make the 67 mile trip down coast to Mismaloya, the location site of Burton’s film, “Night of the Iguana.”

After spending the afternoon with him, on the set, they will board the boat together shortly before dusk to return to Casa Kimberley.

During the evenings, the couple will dine alone at home or will join friends in one of the six restaurant-bars in town.

Even to one spending just a few days in Puerto Vallarta, it becomes obvious that the charm of this tropical land has had its magical effect on Liz and Burton. Where they tried deliberately not to be seen in public in both Rome and London, here in Mexico they make almost a show out of publicly acting like a couple in love. Their attitude seems to say: “We adore each other and are proud of it. We want the whole world to know how we feel.” There is not a soul in Puerto Vallarta who could remain oblivious to that fact.

Here's a good Website on Puerto Vallarta- The Banderas News

Sorry I had a map here but it's really slowing down my blog, just google Bucerias and click maps.

We have some excellent amigos that live and work in Bucerias at the Costa Dorada. I made this website(they've changed it a bit) just before Angel was conceived.

Suites Costa Dorada - Bucerias Mexico
Spanish Version- there's a good video on the Spanish Version. 

English Version
Karen's Place- Bucerias- Suites Costa Dorada