Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Philo is Singing and Dancing with the angels now! R.I.P

From the Vallarta Daily

Philo of Philos Bar in La Cruz passes away over the weekend http://www.philosbar.com/

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of beloved musician, bar owner and friend Philo Hayward.  He passed on in his sleep from heart failure last evening.  Many know Philo from Philo’s Bar that he started in La Cruz(on the North shore) 15 years ago. Philo sponsored many fundraisers for the local community and was a lifeline to the expatriate community as well. Philo Hayward was a exceptionally good man, a fine musician and a friend to many.


I never met Philo but I see that he touched many hearts with his kindness, generousity and music. It's obvious he had a deep love of life and lived it to the fullest. May you RIP and play music with the angels now. You are missed by many!

From Youtube:Uploaded on Oct 13, 2010
"Philo and the Mexican Shuffle Band. This one is called "I've been Dreaming About Mexico." A song that I wrote in Fiji when I was out sailing in the South Pacific. Friends, friends and more friends in this one. This is the video that I asked everyone to send me their favorite pics of themselves hanging out in Mexico. Some good stuff here folks. I hope you enjoy."

 I was just looking through his channel. I started to listen to this song and it made me cry! He was obviously a very special person. I wish I had been his friend. Those that were, were very blessed.

My deepest condolensces to his sister, who from what I saw posted just lost her husband and now her brother. Sending love and light to you during this difficult time.

If you are feeling sad, listen to this, he definitely left a great message for all!!!
"Sing and Dance all night long!!"

I put a little clip from his last blog post which is from last year. Nov 14th.
"Music every where, all kinds of things and events are happening right now.  We are in the height of the high season and although it sure is hectic it is also a lot of fun.  The Bucerius group Manos de Amore just had their annual “Rhythm and Ribs” concert and it was a huge success. 

 The benefit was for the orphanage in Bucerias.  

Lots of restaurants participated and Philo’s Music Studio, Restaurant, Bar, cooked the ribs and we ran out in the first hour.  

We started with 100 kilos and next year we will be prepared to do two or three times that much.  Luna Rumba provide the music and I heard nothing but awesome things about their show.  Congrats everyone.  Check out Manos de Amore’s web site about the Bucerias orphanage.  Click here.  http://www.manosdeamor.com/fund_raising_photos.htm

Here's a nice video of him!! So sweet!

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