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Social Media Travel Writer

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Mar 7/2011


Freelance Social Media Travel Writer

Do you have a  Green Travel Business or Similar Green Project that Needs Promoting. Are You Trying to Develop a Green Business Project Perhaps in another Country? 

Freelance Social Media Travel Writer.
Seeking 2 Clients with Green Projects in Need of Social Media.

 I am a blogger. Very Adept & Highly Skilled in Social Media. 

What's a Blogger? A blogger is a Very Talented Person. These days a Blogger Must be Highly Skilled in many areas, such as Multimedia, Writing, Web Design, Social Media, Graphic Design just to mention a few.

Do You Need to Promote your Green Business, Film, Act, Band, Dvd, Product or Service? 

My Social Media Package will be a Great Help to You!

Contact me by email at tina_winterlik @ yahoo.com  so we can Exhange Skype names and Discuss This Further. 

Based on my Estimate of the Number of Hours to Properly Dedicate to this Service (20 hrs a week)  I have Openings for Only Two Clients at this time.

I Know What My Abilities Are and I've already Put The Theory to Test, so I Know I can Deliver What I Promise. 

My Social Media Package Provides
*Daily Blogging
*Interviewing Locals, Local businesses, Artisans, Musicians, Performers
*Documenting Local Events, Visiting Local Attractions

*Blog Creation
*Account Set Up & Social Media Maintenance for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & Linkedin.
*Valuable Content Promoting your Project/Service
*Great Photography
*Fun Interesting Videos with Music
*Google Analytics
*Newsletters to Increase Subscribers
*Creative GiveAways & Contests

Your Success is my Success. This is a Fabulous Unique Package that I am offering to Two Very Lucky Clients. So don't delay, as I Only Have Room for Two.

Of course there's a catch. The product/service must be green, something that I can really get behind and proudly promote. On that issue I will not budge or back down on.

So If you have Fabulous Green Product/Project/Service and Require a Totally Committed Individual to Provide you with the Ultimate Social Media Package, well your in the right place.

Check out my Social Media Super Hero Video.

This Video was Created Last Year in Oaxaca when Flight Centre had a Contest.

Mishol- ha
Clothes from San Cristobal
Santa Domingo Church- Oaxaca City
El Tule- Oaxaca

Tina Winterlik- Vancouver Social Media Travel Writer, Artist, Photographer, Videographer, & Mom. She maintains 7 blogs & is Promoting her Social Media Talents on her Social Media Super Hero Bloghttp://socialmediasuperhero.blogspot.com.

Her blog Adventurez in Mexico http://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.com Documents the Journey of a Mother & Child thru Mexico & features Videos, Photos & Travel Tips.

(Note: Adventurez in Mexico is a re-build of the original Adventures of Angel- which is now Private. Adventurez in Mexico has only been up 5 months and has had over 5000 pageviews from all over the world and is growing everyday.)

Adventurez in Mexico- The Movie! is 74 videos set to music that document the entire 2 winters Tina and her daughter lived in Mexico. Eventually Tina plans to make this into a 2 hour movie. http://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.com/2010/10/join-adventurez-in-mexico-on-their.html

Qualifications/Education/Skill Set
Selkirk College - General Studies 1991-1993
Langara College -Diploma in Professional Photography 1993-1995
Sina Executive Training Center -Web Design Program 2000
Go Consult -Contracting & Consulting Program 2004 
S.E.A.R.C.H -Self-Employed Arts-Related Contractors for Hire -Alliance of Arts & Culture 2004 
 Social Media for Artists - Emily Carr - 2010

She Loves to Blog and has been blogging since 2004, she was an early user of Facebook, she's improving her twittering skills daily. A talented Photographer with strong Digital Enhancement skills, as seen in her Fairyfotos, Tina loves to Capture Life as it happens, Create Videos, Paint, Draw & Care for her Beautiful Daughter whom she Home Schools.

Receiving the Daily Positive Messages through Social Networking and then Sharing and Enlightening others with the Wealth of Knowledge that is Available through her Blogs gives Tina Great Joy.

She Believes that through Social Media and Working Together we will Change the World to a Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just Human Presence on this Planet-Four Years.Go

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