Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grow Your Own Food -Youth Program & Recycling Video

Youth Apprenticeship

This is Super Cool! I love this idea!! Too bad Angel's not old enough. Now they just have to do it for younger children.

For People Aged 14 - 18

Learn everything you need to know to grow your own food. Get hands on experience working in an organic vegetable garden and community orchard. Help maintain 2 greenhouses. Distribute thousands of vegetable plants to under-served communities in East Vancouver. Meet like minded youth from around Vancouver. Earn $ for your time and community service hours towards graduation.

Apprentices will be expected to dedicate 5 hours of time per week for a 12 week period beginning the week of March 14th and culminating June 13th. We will spend 2 hours on a weekday (after school hours) and 3 hours on the weekend together. At the completion of the 12 week program, apprentices will receive a certificate and letter of reference from the Environmental Youth Alliance, along with a cheque, or stipend, for their time.

To apply to the Community Nursery Youth Apprenticeship, e.mail or drop off a resume and brief cover letter explaining why you'd like to be a part of the program to:

Matthew Kemshaw 517-119 W Pender St


Check out this Recycling Video- This is Awesome! Zipolite has a great Recycling Program. Stephen from Switzerland started it! Kudos Stephan!!

Cody "The King of Recycling" Peabody from Environmental Youth Alliance on Vimeo.