Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Freedom of Change

The Freedom of Change Click here or copy link below!/video/video.php?v=180545111981417&comments

This is a really great video, you have to be on Facebook to see it.

The Freedom of Change. [HD]
by Jennifer 'Jen' Wichard (videos)
Change can seem frightening to us when we anticipate what 'might' happen, or if we base our fear of things that may have occurred in the past. This eye opening video will help you to consider seeing change a little differently.

As a freedom coach, I empower my clients to approach change in a manner that fully supports self actualization. Jump on the freedom train. Visit me at and check out my coaching page and testimonials. Namaste. In love, Jen

Here's a link to Jen's testimonials

I just love the videos that Jen and Brigit are creating. They are so helpful and explain things so simply and beautifully. I really needed this video today. Thanks so much Jen!! I love the part where you say the "universe will deliver what ever it is your vibrating". Oh my Gosh, that is so true and I really need to work on that. Thanks again! :)