Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mario & I'll Have Another Win Kentucky Derby

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2012!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

** Just to update this I'll Have Another Just won the Preakness!!

*** I'm so happy for Mario!! WAY TO GO!!


Mario & I'll Have Another Win Kentucky Derby

 It was so cool, we were going out to a celebrate Cinco de Mayo and it was also a Birthday Party. I knew the  race was on at 3:26 pm PST but forgot as I was getting Angel ready. I was just braiding her hair when I said..."Oh No, What time is it?"  It was 3:25...Yikes, I started flicking channels, I couldn't find it and we had to leave in a I kept braiding and she was flicking the channels and we found it.

They closed the gates and THEY WERE OFF!  I couldn't tell who was who...I didn't know the colours or numbers but I was shouting "GO MARIO" (who's Mario my girl asks), "GO I'LL HAVE ANOTHER" I keep shouting!!

We couldn't tell what was going on...and I was trying to explain to my girl what was going on...and we could hear them saying and I'll Have Another...and I kept shouting "Go,Go,Go" and then at the end, suddenly it was over.

I was like "wonder who won" and then it said unofficial winner "I'll Have Another"

I couldn't believe it. I was so happy I was crying. It was just the neatest thing ever.

I had tried to place a bet online but it won't accept bets outside U.S. and I had a friend who was working near the track and had asked him...but he didn't get to because he was to busy...but I would have won. How cool is that. Alot of people did I heard. Lots of people in Vancouver bet.

Yes it was a Super Cool Race. I just really fell in love with the whole story because of the connections...a Mexican, who had worked in Vancouver, went to the U.S. and won the Kentucky Derby. A union between 3 countries. Really cool.

There was so much confusion after the seem like magic or something happened, a miracle. Super cool. Congratulations Mario Gutierrez and I'll Have Another. WELL DONE!!!  


Kentucky Derby