Thursday, September 5, 2013

Change of Plans- Off to School we go!!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2013!/zipolita @zipolita Google+

So a change of plans. Change is good!! I am going back to school. It's been 13 years since I been a program with exams and where lots of studying is involved. Yikes! But it's all good.

It's what I prayed for, meditated for and projected. I was sooo happy yesterday you couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried!  That is when I got the final okay!! So I am in a deep state of gratitude!

It's a good program at a great school here in Vancouver. It's Emily Carr! And the program is funded. It was quite the odd situation as it's only funded for people who have very low or no income.
Sadly that's me.

I've tried. I think you can see that, I have tried with my blogging, my photography, my web design, my social media, my videos, my book publishing.  Yet it's not enough. I don't have quite the right skills the industry is calling for.  I was stuck. I couldn't upgrade because I didn't have the funds. 

Now though, I have been very blessed and this will all change. I will be learning more Wordpress, using current design applications like the latest Adobe programs and I'll be learning how to make apps. And that's a biggy.

Angel knows more about apps than me. I asked if someone wanted to know what are apps and what are they for?  What would you tell them.. and she launched into all this.
1. games
2. tips
3. games w/tips for real life gaming.  -I didn't know this :(
4. most important- they have to be fun- or if they are boring everyone will uninstall (smart kid!)
5. Cost- Free- $1 or $2 - paid apps are usually $1 she tells me.

So what else do I need to know.
Well she says...
Will it have physics?  What will the controls look like and where will they be?

And she goes on...

So see I have to catch up. I have to go back and learn because I am only 51 and in Canada we have to work to 67 to get retirement...I have a long ways to go and I have to take care of my girl.  I want the best for her that I can give.  I want to learn this new technology and use it in a "green way!" 

Something cool happened. Have you heard of the GREEN SCHOOL?  I saw something on CBC about it and then googled it  and found a Tedtalks video and learned a lot more.

I would love for Angel to go there. Wouldn't it be so cool for us to go there for a year and then go to Zipolite and try and start one there.

Well that's my new dream/goal.

So until then we are both in school. Angel has to go to school if I go. So we are school kids together now and unfortunately we won't be going to Mexico this year. Well not until at least March...when my program ends and then only if miracles happen and we have the funds.

We sure will miss it, but Angel did want to spend Christmas here, so we are all getting our wishes to come true.

Isn't life AMAZING!!

Anyways, I just wanted to share that I put some little support thingys on the right side there. Since I will be super busy with the program and they really discourage you from working while in the program as they want you fully committed...things are going to be tough...when aren't they..right!

But at least after this program things will get better.

- if you like our blog,
- if the videos made you smile,
- if the photos and music triggered wonderful memories or inspired your travel bug
then could you please share the love and support us and treat us to something. (See right sidebar)

We would be so very appreciative and we will definitely give you a shout out!!

Okay so that's the big news. If your heading to Mexico, especially Oaxaca and Zipolite, ENJOY!! Have a wonderful time, think a good thought for us while you are there and say hola to our friends. Almost everyone knows Angel ;)  Please send our love and tell them we miss them.  Here's a list of the people who definitely know us and if you visit them please let them know. Gracias.

Hasta Luego, Tina aka Zipolita y Angel aka Angelita!
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