Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zipolite Lifeguard's home burns- Please Help Aquila & family

 I was visiting the Zipolite Group page today https://www.facebook.com/groups/5258919189/  and read very sad news. My Spanish is not the best but it is my understanding that Aquila's home burned down.  His family and him are fine but they lost everything.  See note below.
Please let's spread the word and help out. Aquila has saved MANY lives in Zipolite and he has a wonderful little family with beautiful children. Let's help if you can. Gracias.  
 Here's is the Bing Translation
It is dawn burned the House of a lifeguard here in zipolite, many know it, its over name is 'The Eagle'. If you have a desire to help is with clothes, furniture, dishes, building material or any kind of donation please get in contact with him or who are unable to locate it can go to Nice Place on the Beach every day from 5 in the afternoon.
Está madrugada se quemó la casa de un salvavidas aqui en zipolite, muchos lo conocen, su sobre nombre es 'Él Águila'. Si tienen ganas de ayudar sea con ropa, algún mueble, trastes, material de construcción o cualquier clase de donativo por favor póngase en contacto con él o para quién no puede localizarlo se puede dirigir a Nice Place on the Beach todos los días a partir de las 5 de la tarde.
  Below are little clips of video that I made a few year ago of Aquila and another lifeguard (Carlos?) rescuing someone who went out to far.  This first on is of him playing in the water when we first arrived last fall.

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You can see Aquila in this video at .25