Friday, November 6, 2015

Terrifying footage of Hurricane Patricia- Emiliano Zapata

iCyclone's Hurricane Patricia Chase: Terrifying footage from the violent inner core of Category-5 Patricia-- the most powerful hurricane ever to strike the W coast of Mexico-- as it ravaged the small town of Emiliano Zapata.

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How YOU can help
International Community Foundation, ICF, has set up relief efforts (as they did when Hurricane Odile hit Los Cabos) to aid those in need or those who were affected.

PCI Global has also set up relief to aid infrastructure efforts. Their Mexico Country Director and team is currently working with the Mexican Ministry of Health and will be partnering to provide equipment and supplies to support affected communities particularly in hard to reach isolated and rural areas.

Mexican Red Cross has set up disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Patricia, as well.

Oxfam has set up a recovery fund as well as AmeriCares.

DirectRelief is also assisting with recovery efforts in Mexico and Texas for those affected by Hurricane Patricia.

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