Monday, February 14, 2011

Bicycles for Ghana

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Off to Africa

By Rebecca Bollwitt
February 14th, 2011, 12:00 PM (PT)
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I am currently somewhere in the middle of my 18-hour journey to Ghana, West Africa (and have scheduled this post for publication). I have been alluding to this trip on Twitter and Facebook as three weeks ago I was invited by Cadbury to be a part of the final leg of its Bicycle Factory campaign. Read more here

I find this very interesting, one that Rebecca is going on an "Adventure of a Lifetime", two that they are on such a wonderful mission, to deliver these bikes and provide such good. Three considering chocolate- cocoa is so huge here, this is a big interest to us, as in Mexico, Chocolate impacted us in such a big way and we want to see how the rest of the world is working to bring good and not negative to the world.

"Since 2009 Cadbury has been running the Bicycle Factory program that has encouraged Canadians to enter UPC codes online from their Fair Trade Dairy Milk bars, Caramilk, or other Cadbury products in exchange for digital “bike parts”."

Rebecca also states:
Cadbury has a large presence in Ghana as cocoa is a one of the country’s largest industries. In 2008 they established the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, local governments, farmers, and communities and in 2009 they committed to establishing Fairtrade status. Cadbury, who since achieved status in 2010, currently partners with Kuapa Kokoo, the Fairtrade Certified Cocoa Farmers Co-operative that ensures those working in the cocoa industry to are able to achieve a sustainable livelihood. Please note: I researched this background information myself when I was considering the trip and was not supplied this information by Cadbury. I have also not been paid to participate in this campaign.

Way to go Rebecca, have a wonderful safe journey. All the best to you and your grandma.

Tina and Angel :)

The Girl That Silenced the World for 5 minutes!


This is an amazing speech by Severn Suzuki speaking at the 1992 Brazil's UN Meeting!
ECO - they came 5000 miles to tell them this.

Cullis-Suzuki was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.[1] Her mother is writer Tara Elizabeth Cullis. Her father, geneticist and environmental activist David Suzuki, is a third-generation Japanese Canadian.[2] While attending Lord Tennyson Elementary School in French Immersion, at the age of nine, she founded the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), a group of children dedicated to learning and teaching other youngsters about environmental issues.[3] In 1992, at the age of 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO, to attend the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Along with group members Michelle Quigg, Vanessa Suttie, and Morgan Geisler, Cullis-Suzuki presented environmental issues from a youth perspective at the summit, where she was applauded for a speech to the delegates.[4][5] The video has since become a viral hit, popularly known as "The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes". In 1993, she was honoured in the United Nations Environment Programme's Global 500 Roll of Honour.[6] In 1993, Doubleday published her book Tell the World (ISBN 0-385-25422-9), a 32-page book of environmental steps for families.

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He Feeds the Poor, Unloved & Suffering!

This is so inspiring! He feeds the homeless, old, mentally destitute and been doing it since 2002.

He used to work in a fancy hotel feeding all his guest but people in his own town were starving.

He makes them feel like human beings! Food is one part, love is another. The physically help you show we give this person a the purpose in life.

We are all the same! Thousands of people are suffering!

What is the ultimate joy of living. Giving! Start Giving!!