Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Visit to Shambhala & Meditation Point March 2010

Adios Zipolite, Time to Move On - March 2010

Adios Amigos- It's time to move on!!

Photos by Tina Winterlik
Two Waves Crashing into Each Other, this happens when the wave that reaches the shore starts going back out and then hits one coming in...Kaboom!! It's Super Cool!!

Angel sayings Adios Perros!

Punta Cometa - March 2010

Angel -The Rock Climber!!!
Daniel de Shambhala
Gloria's brother

Punta Cometa

Punta Cometa - The Pool

Photos by Tina Winterlik

The first time I heard about Punta Cometa, I was told it was a Secret!! Angel's father then told me, well not really a secret, but that the locals liked to keep it to themselves. I don't blame them. I am sharing the very Special Secret place with you. The have fixed the trail and I know it is going to get much popular. I am taking this opportunity to ask you to please "Be Respectful!" and "Help Preserve it!" 

Punta Cometa is like this natural jacuzzi, the water rushes in thru an opening between the rocks...depending on the tide and how high the water is, the pool can be low or high. It can catch you off guard and the rocks are slippery, so "Be Careful!"

That said it's a Magical Experience!! I love it! I have gone 2x on my birthday and it's the best present ever!!