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The Mission Possible - Visionary Youth- Aviva- Free The Children

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The Mission Possible - Visionary Youth
About This Idea:
Large ($100K - 500K)
Posted by: Jennifer Hough
Organization: The Youth Ripple Effect Team
Location: Stouffville, Ontario, Canda
Idea Created: November 22, 2010

The Mission Possible ‘Movie-ment’ Goal:
• To touch the lives of those who are feeling the Global Awakening through the stories of youth that are making a difference to peace on the Planet and within themselves
• To cause inspired action through a movie about visionary youth & young adults who are leaders for hope and change in the world
• To create an interactive web community where schools, organizations and companies from around the world can connect & share their Ripple Effect Projects
• To create an interactive weekly action toward a better world, that anyone can do

WHAT IS A MOVIE-MENT? A movie-ment is a term we use to describe a project that involves a movie that inspires action, and then provides the platform to take that inspired action. The Mission Possible is just such a project.

THE MISSION POSSIBLE MOVIE The Premise: Our children are awakening to their ability to make a powerful impact in the world as individuals. The stories of these beautiful souls need to be told. We will be telling the many stories of young ‘Agents of Change’ from around the world who are standing up for what feels right in their hearts so that others can remember that they have the same capacity to make a difference in their families, communities and lives.

The Movie Concept: This movie is a documentary that follows the lives, accomplishments and passions of the young people who are creating lasting change on the planet. It will also show the impact their actions have had on their families, friends and communities. The stories will be followed by short vignettes of children from schools answering the question “What would you do to make the world a better place?”This documentary will be a launching pad for the Web Based Ripple Effect Peace Project.


The Premise: The Ripple Effect Canadian Peace Project – is a web based 365 Day Plan for those who want to be a part of global change for the positive. On the website every day, there will be a Plan to Peace action step that anyone can do, from anywhere in the world. Millions of people (organizations, schools, corporations and families) can participate in simple daily inspired actions and share them online with each other and inspire more action and interconnection.

The Concept: Each month will have a different theme: kindness, Earth appreciation, forgiveness, abundance etc. Each day of the month will have a simple action related to the theme of the month. It is a follow-up to the movie and is intended to bring people together for the common good. Each day is taught by a different person (child, hero, adult, leader, sage). As different organizations, schools, families and corporations get involved and take on the actions steps and projects we introduce, they can share their experience, audios and videos online to create global community toward a peaceful Earth.

THE TEAM The Mission Possible was founded and co-created by a group of visionaries that are committed to empowering youth and adults alike to make a difference in their communities:

Jennifer HoughChief Executive Dreamer (Founder of The Vital You Clinic, Life Make-Over Coach, Author of “ A Search for Purpose”, Host of SOUL Radio) – www.thelawofawakening.com

Brad MorrisDirector of Inspiration (Co-founder of Agents of Change Global Movements Inc, The Junior Attractors, Manifesting Awesomeness radio & Hayhouse Author) – www.juniorattractors.com

Matthew AshdownVP of Global Transformation (Co-founder of Agents of Change Global Movements Inc, The Junior Attractors, Manifesting Awesomeness radio & Hayhouse Author) - www.juniorattractors.com

Nigel SealeGM of Here Comes Everybody (Chairman & Founder-Earth Day Canada; Chairman of Earth Day Canada 1990; Chairman-Earth Day globally 1991 & 1992)

Hailey ClarkThe Treasurer of Big Heartedness (Olympic level softball player, world traveller, and children’s coach)

THE YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS OF THE MISSION POSSIBLE MOVIE In the movie, we will be following the journeys of youth leaders, who are making a difference.

One example is Bilaal Rajan (Age 13 - Toronto, Ont, Canada) IMAGINE: Journeying with Bilaal to the AIDS communities in Malawi, watching his unique ability to wake people up to who they are and see first-hand the beauty of one person to change the lives of thousands. Imagine talking to the volunteers, neighbours & families that are inspired to make a difference because of this youth and see the full ripple effect on those in need because of one child’s efforts.

•It started for Bilaal at 4 years old when he sold clementine oranges door-to-door to raise money to help the 2001 earthquake victims in Gujarat, India

•He targeted global poverty and to date (2007) has raised over $50,000 for The World Partnership Walk. A powerful benefactor, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), matched his contribution

Bilaal authored two books on his fundraising efforts & Success Principle

Winners have been announced.
See Winners http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/home/search/level:winner
Free The Children
In 2010, Aviva launched a new partnership with Free The Children, a dynamic organization devoted to mobilizing youth to eradicate child poverty and exploitation around the world. Over the past 15 years, by working with school children across Canada and the US to show how they can make a difference in the developing world, Free the Children has been able to build and operate more than 500 schools in places such as India, China and Africa. The organization has built a reputation worldwide for their innovative programs and ability to achieve amazing results.

Aviva's partnership with Free The Children is aligned with our global Street to School program, the company's first international charity program which supports local and international charity partners to improve the lives of thousands of children and youth worldwide. In North America, our Street to School partnerships focus on prevention and intervention, targeting youth who are vulnerable to becoming homeless or dropping out of school.

Our support for Free The Children includes the implementation of leadership programs in schools with a predominance of at-risk youth in high needs areas, as well as sponsorship of "We Day". This annual event involving celebrities, thought leaders and politicians from around the world, inspires young people to celebrate their opportunity to shape and influence the world.