Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Years. Go!

A Campaign to Change the Course of History

The goal of Four Years. Go. is to build a global movement of commitment and action that will cause a positive tipping point in humanity’s future by the end of 2014, setting us irreversibly on a new path to a just, thriving and sustainable future for all.

This will be done through inspiring commitment, connecting individuals and organizations in action, and amplifying stories of hope and success.

Who We Are

The impetus and initial stewardship for the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign came from a core group of organizations, that continues to expand. The Pachamama Alliance, as part of that group, has provided the funding for the initial development of the campaign and is acting as the fiscal sponsor at this time. Other organizations that helped to create the concepts of the campaign were P:5Y (Peace in Five Years), and The 2020 Fund.

Creative inspiration and media assets are the work of Wieden+Kennedy, the largest independent advertising agency network in the world (creators of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign and Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” yellow bracelet campaign).

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