Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Graditude Dance!!

 This is the guy responsible for my travel bug. Maybe not totally but watching one of his videos like this about 5 years ago, just filled me with this "I got to go do that!!"
Wow! He's been so blessed to travel to all these incredible places. Really amazing!
Now I guess they call it the Gratitude Dance and a friend shared it with me on Facebook today, so it made me feel really great to watch this again.

And to think it was all because of gum commercial! Stride! Crazy!
Here's another Gratitude Dance


It all truly began for the GratiDudes with their now famous Youtube video, “The Gratitude Dance.”  The Gratitude Dance lead the Dudes to become speakers all across North America, catering their positive message to youth and the young at heart.  The GratiDudes NOW are pursuing their childhood dreams (like everyone should) of becoming film-makers, as they create their first webisode series, "The Adventures of the GratiDudes," while pursuing their own individual projects and passions.